Media Logistics

On the Dot is a media supply chain management company that offers distribution solutions for magazines, newspapers, subscriptions, community newspapers, pamphlets, parcels and FMCG through direct-to-store, home delivery and informal networks. It forms part of leading South African media company Media24, which is owned by Naspers, a multinational group of media and ecommerce platforms.

Our integrated logistics division, SLiMS (Specialised Logistics and Innovative Merchandising Solutions) offers comprehensive B2B and B2C last mile solutions for e-commerce and consumer products, as well as in-store merchandising. Our extensive footprint allows us to reach more customers while optimizing our supply chain operations.


Our retail B2B services include:

 –  Full retail account vendor management
 –  Product management, demand planning and forecasting
 –  Fixed route distribution for print media products such as magazines, newspapers, books, partworks and collectables
 –  Bulk distribution nationally
 –  In-store merchandising and activations
 –  Just-in-time warehousing facilities across 12 depot points
 –  Stock control, picking and packing
 – Reverse logistics and returns management
 –  Account/cash collections

National Retail service footprint of ±3050

 –  Complement of 105 roaming merchandisers
 –  On-Shelf Placement and brand visibility & availability
 –  Category management
 –  Serialised consumer goods preparation for collection (Reverse Logistics)
 –  Stock counts- using barcode Scanning
 –  Merchandising Software Platform:
      –  In-house developed android application
      –  Preform handles all tasks & activities
Activities monitored with geo location
Customized Reporting with physical photos of the tasks & activities executed

We deliver to more than 100 000 subscribers every day through our subscriptions management and home delivery service via 3 000 delivery agents across South Africa.

 –  Door-to-door hand delivery before 06:30 am
 –  Dedicated call centre services
 –  Sales development and new subscriptions
 –  Retention strategies
 –  Complaint resolution

On the Dot operates an informal distribution network across South Africa that is made up of 1 650 street sellers servicing more than 2 500 spaza shops and informal traders.

 –  Cash collection and management
 –  Optional reverse logistics and returns uplifting services
 –  Street pole advertising implementation
 –  Loud Halo promotions and taxi rank advertising and activations

On the Dot’s pamphlet operation is active nationally as well as in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

The company operates a leaflet knock-and-drop distribution network, delivering more than 806 million pamphlets per year and 85 million community newspapers to 18.1 million households every week.

We use targeted customer demographics and market insights to tailor our offering to the needs of each customer. Leaflet distribution is a cost-effective approach to mass market distribution.

 –  Knock-and-drop into post-boxes
 –  Intersection promotions
 –  Taxi rank distribution

On the Dot has teamed up with industry experts to offer numerous marketing and promotional packages. This service affords clients multiple ways of reaching their target audiences:

 –  Brand activations
 –  Moving Media
 –  Out -of -home media
 –  Media intelligence
 –  Experiential Marketing
 –  Promotional Items